OPI’s Glitter Review


Hello Readers: As much as I love “OPI” and I love their glitter lines, like the one Shown above, and the one in my Fancy French post; I find that in order to get the desired look in the bottle you need at least 2-3 coats plus your base and top coat. It tends to be thick as the polish itself is a bit thick due to the bigger sparkles. The Fancy french look I did, the pink started to chip off at the bottom of my nails after about 4 days. You can choose to just fix it by painting the empty spot and putting more top coat, but that’s just adding more paint. They are beautiful however they tend to last a little less than normal matte or just in general shimmery colors. Just beware with these glitter colors is all…

*A Shout out to my wonderful, Awesome Friend in this post, Monique for giving me her bottle of the above color, “Absolutely Alice by OPI” as I was having a terrible time trying to find it as it’s discontinued. Still one of my favorite colors to date!

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