Ways to make nail polish dry faster

I also purchased this can of Nail Dryer in my Ulta Haul the other day, for 2.99 in hopes of stopping the ever dreaded “sheet marks” I used this last night when I painted my new “OPI Dating a Royal” and was not impressed.

Instructions say to hold can at least 4 inches away from nails and spray once lightly over each nail and repeat as needed.

I used once after the first coat, okay simple enough dried quickly. I sprayed another spray after second coat and then once more after top polish. TWO hours later I went to bed and woke up to “sheet marks” I give this product an Eff!

**Update, since this post a friend of mine, Gina had given me these drops to try for making polish dry quicker, Check it out in my “Lorea’l Stroke of Midnight” Post.

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11 thoughts on “Ways to make nail polish dry faster

  1. Ugh, GROSS I HATE sheet marks. I also hate how it’s impossible to do anything for hours after a mani. This is why I rarely do my nails 😦 😦 Good to know this product blows, and the search can continue!


  2. Have you ever tried Pam cooking spray? I’ve heard from people that it works great but haven’t tried it. Right now I use Zoya Fast Drops, but when I run out I might give Pam a try. Muchhhh more friendly on the wallet!


    • I have not, But I should put an update on this post cant remember if I did.. but I had a friend that loaned me the OPI drops that I reviewed in my Loreal Stroke of Midnight post and i love them I went out and got the Nicole OPI ones they were about 7.99 at target and I LOVE them. I will give that a try though when that runs out thank you!!


  3. Have any of your guys tried Seche Vite? It’s a nail polish life changer!!! If you don’t like Seche, some people also swear by Poshe, but I’m a Seche lover for sure!


      • Oh my goodness! It will change your life!! It smells really strong, goes on pretty thick but levels out any imperfections and is dry to the touch in like 2 minutes and dries super hard and extra glossy in a few more minutes. Just let your polish dry for a sec, then slap on your seche. You’ll never go back to drying sprays/drops/etc. 😀


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