Quick post.200+ views!

I just wanted to do a quick Thank you Post… I have only been blogging for just over three weeks now (i love it) and am just so overwhelmed with my followers and visitors. I enjoy sharing my views, Beauty Finds,  Beauty Tips,  and swatches with the world and have such positive feedback. Thank you to all of my followers and continued visitors, for today in just under a month i had my first 200+ views today after a 4 day back to back over 100! Thanks for visiting, commenting, liking, and following! Keep Checking back! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Quick post.200+ views!

  1. Wow, congratulations! We just started blogging about the same time as you and know what it feels like! We get excited over every follow, comment and view. Hope you keep up your blog, we really like it!


  2. Wow! Congratulations. How did you get so many followers? I’ve only been blogging for 3 weeks as well and have hardly any followers at all. I’d love more! Really well done x


    • I go to other pages like mine and comment or follow or like. 🙂 there is a page on wordpress telling you how to get views and followers. it also says that it takes a view weeks to register as a website on like yahoo and google. so it takes a few weeks for people to search on search engines and be directed to your website. 🙂


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