Day 6 violet – 31Challenge

I saw some other blogs that had used this polish that I wanted to check out. It’s the “Layla Magneffect polish” It was $15.00 at my local Ulta. It comes in a bunch of different colors. My Ulta had, gun-metal, Changing Lilac (which is the one I purchased), Blue Grey Flow, Turquoise Wave, Purple Galaxy, Golden Nugget, Metallic Sky, Velvet Groove, Golden Bronze, Brown Sugar, Silver Galaxy, and Black Metal. I also saw somewhere that they have other designs not just the line. My local Ulta only had the line. (See bottom of post for link to Ulta’s colors)

For the Nail Challenge I attempted my first shot at this, and one nail I touched my nail to the magnet accidentally and had to start over. For those of you that do not know how this polish works, I will explain.. You start off with your normal base coat just as you would and then paint a decent coat of the polish on your nail. (I did a thin coat and it didn’t work out quite as well I will explain) you then hold the magnet just above your nail for 5 seconds and it pulls the metals in the polish together making the design shown on the top of the polish bottle. The one I purchased was a line, you can hold it vertical, diagonal, horizontal etc, for this look I did horizontal. Anyway, back to why the thin coat did not work, so it is pulling the metals together and what it did was pull it so that the other spots on my finger nail barely had any polish and it did not look right.

The polish dried fairly quickly, I put my top coat on after about 5 minutes, then my Drying Drops and I was ready to go, I baked some cookies and put my hands in the oven mitts and didn’t get messed up!

Here are two more shots of the finished product 🙂

Here is the link for the other colors that Ulta carries:

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8 thoughts on “Day 6 violet – 31Challenge

  1. Ooh, did you love it? I have seen a couple of companies coming out with the magnetic nails. There was one from Kiko (an Italian makeup company) which would have been about 10 bucks. If I had the cash I totally would have picked it up.


  2. Nice color! I think I’m finally over the whole magnetic polish hype. I picked up a nails inc magnetic polish when they first came out. I was excited about the China Glaze Magnetix Collection so I got them last month…and now I’m over it. lol I’m so fickle that way but at least this fad is better than the crackle/shatter craze from last year. Now it seems we’re moving on to flakies! 🙂


  3. I really like my Layla magnetic polish but I sort of agree with laquerloon… I think once you have one you kinda have enough, y’know what I mean? And for that reason even though 15 bucks is a bit much, it’s worth it for a good quality magnetic polish. Some of the other brands’ magnets are too weak or the lines don’t show up as well. I like this purple color! It looks great! 🙂


  4. Hey Amanda! Cheers from Indonesia. What a beautiful color there! I love violet color, and i love magnetic nail polish even more haha. Bytheway, what do you think about the other color of Layla Magneffect? Are they as good as the violet? Because my cousin from US asked me whether i want her to buy me some Layla nail polish there, hehe.

    Oh, and i got a same reason like you about coloring my nails, i always bite my fingernails if it doesnt have anything in it 😀


    • Why hello and welcome to my blog! I like them all, but I am not a fan of the green or tan once it goes magnetic to me, they are just not my favorite. I love the rest and I felt it was a realy good brand and I loved the way it came out! Good Luck!
      Absolutely, as soon as I take my polish off unless I paint them right away again even a clear I find myself biting. This helps a lot!


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