Low Views.. ?

Is anyone else having this issue the last few days with very low views? I went from having 226 views to the last three days, 5, 7, 11 So Unless I am doing something wrong, and everyone now hates my blog and refuses to visit, 😦 there must be something wrong here… lol anyone else having a similar issue, or that can help me out here! Thank you! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Low Views.. ?

  1. I think it must be something with the site, I’ve been having problems writing blogs every time I’m writing it I go to save the draft and after it saves, everything is gone and nothing was saved.


  2. I doubt anyone hates your blog, maybe they don’t know about it? You will get there one day but just work at commenting on other blogs, get yourself active on twitter, facebook and other social networks i.e. pinterest and you’ll see your stats getting higher and higher. It’s nothing to do with your blog, I like it! 🙂


  3. It had to be something weird!! I didn’t experience that but I’m glad it got fixed. I would have been like “what the heck?!?!” too!!! Straaaa-aaange!!


  4. A little late, but I am glad you posted this. I had noticed the same thing and I had been wondering what was going on. Glad to hear others were having the same weird post issue too – I was gettin’ worried something with computer went awry.


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