Day 7 black & white – 31Challenge

So this is my attempt at Black and White nails for the Challenge … When I think of black and white I think Tuxedo, but that’s been done, as have been dice but I wanted to try the dice look.

I used my Sinful Colors in Blackest Black, Milani- White and My OPI Base and Top Coat for this look

My husband got involved and assisted in suggesting for me to do the tips at an angle to look like if I turned my hands to the side it was the angle of the dice something fun, let me know what you think

So first is the messy picture as soon as I was done. I was also highly upset as no matter how long I took to let the dots dry when I put the top coat on, it bled a little. But oh well I won’t have these on that long.

Here is another angle again, messy

Next day all clean 🙂

And a little closer, you can see the bleeding here..

Well that was my day 7 black and white nails, I hoped you enjoyed them let me know what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Day 7 black & white – 31Challenge

  1. Cute, I like how the tips make it look even more like dice! I usually get that bleeding when I use black (I always let them dry forever before adding top coat). At first I thought I needed a different top coat but then I started noticing that it usually only happens when I am using black so I think I need a different black. I also use Sinful Colors Blackest Black so this may be proof that it is the black!!


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