My March Julep Box

So my March Julep box came and I’m late posting it, sorry!  It came on Thursday. This month I received:

  • Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is legendary for its healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties. Use it daily to hydrate and nourish skin, smooth split ends, and soften cuticles. Easily absorbed and lightweight, this powerhouse organic oil is gentle enough for all skin types (including acne-prone). Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your hair and give your skin a youthful, dewy glow from head to toe.
  • Emma Julep Nail Vernis – soft and feminine seashell pink shimmer, so elegant alone or for extra shine over any shade.
  • Kelly Julep Nail Vernis – a blushed white creme, the newest shade in runway neutrals for spring.

As a reminder, Julep is another monthly mystery beauty product delivery. At their website you fill out a Beauty Profile, and each month for $19.99 you get 2-3 polishes and a product that they feel fits your profile. You get a notification about 5 days before it is going to ship if you want to change your box for that month. The nail polishes usually retail for $14. a piece.

So my question for you is:  What Beauty related subscriptions do/have you participated in and do/did you enjoy them?

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9 thoughts on “My March Julep Box

  1. Hey Mae,
    Plz post updates on the oil. ,I am inerseted in knowing about that. I also, love the colors,I really like the metalic colors, but I love the lighter one. Looking forward to knowing more about the products you receive. Thanks 😉


  2. I just signed up for Julep Maven! I’m so excited to test it all out but I freakin LOVE subscription beauty clubs. Where else can you get to try awesome stuff on the cheap!?! I’m a HUGE fan of shoedazzle! 39.95 for a somewhat cheap but cute pair of shoes is killer for me… plus they always have heels towering in height and I just can’t get enough haha!


      • Did you give up on Julep? Now shoedazzle moved to no longer charging every month so if you forget to “skip” your month you’re not charged, only buy when you purchase. WAY BETTER! I recommend it! Plus you can earn points with each purchase for free shoes, etc… Of course there’s points for referrals like all those subscription services so if you’re interested in signing up just to get your showroom just to look go through my link!


      • I did give up. It was 19.99 a month and the colors i was getting i was over the moon for. Kind of small amounts of polish. I think it was worth it for the first few months since my forst box was a penny. 🙂 wasnt a total waste. Just over it right now. I might go back if the right promotion comes 🙂


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