Day 10 Gradient – 31Challenge

Let me start by saying that this is my first Gradient look, let me then continue by saying how difficult I felt this was for me, so I hope I did alright hope you like it!

I originally tried with a dark blue and a light sparkle and was unsuccessful… ugh..  I felt it just wasn’t gradient enough. I then looked up tips to complete this look and someone suggested a make up sponge… ugh x2.. that also did not work for me. I’m not sure if it was the polish combinations I was choosing, the make up sponge, or just that it was the first time I was trying this look… but it was exhausting.

Finally, what I ended up choosing was a lighter color and a sparkle. After the sponge attempt I decided to do some research and came across a tutorial Click here  where the girl used a light color and chose a pink sparkle. She painted 25% of her nail, then 50%, then 75% so that each time the look would be darker as you went down due to the varying coats of polish on the finger. That worked! Here’s how it came out:

 This was my final attempt as soon as I was done, I supposed I was pleased enough. Now I am determined to master it, so keep checking back after this challenge as I will attempting it again!

The polishes I ended up using were”Julep – Kelly” for the base, then “OPI- Katy Perry’s Collection – Last Friday Night” as my Gradient effect.

Here is another look at the next day and finished product.

I Hope you enjoyed my day # 10 of the 31 Nail Challenge , and I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are on the Gradient look?

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12 thoughts on “Day 10 Gradient – 31Challenge

  1. I think you did a great job! It looks great. I love the nude color with the light sparkles over it! I will definitely have to try it. And I have tried the make up sponge and a couple of other methods, but the one that you and I both used seems to work the best for me! 🙂


    • Me too! WAY easier! I think honestly that the most headache was just before I found that tutorial and picking the right colors. Once I picked the right ones and found that, it was a breeze. That is why I definetly want to try it again, should be easier now that I have a better method of completing the look! So glad you shared your tutorial with everyone 🙂


  2. Aw man, I just tried this last night with some orange-y Revlon nail polish and the OPI Rainbow Connection. It turned out okay but the glitter flecks in the OPI were a bit bigger than I’d have liked. I basically put a little dot at the very tip of my nail, dried a lot of the excess off the brush on the edge of the bottle and dragged it back down my nail. Was a pretty similar effect.


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