Day 20 Water Marbled Nails – 31Challenge

**Caution Picture Heavy **

Wednesday morning, just like any other day, we are getting ready to leave for work. I am taking my dogs down the basement to their kennels and I busted my butt halfway down the stairs.. Ugh! Apparently the dust pan fell down from the hook on the inside of the basement door wall and down I went. I slammed my hand into the concrete wall trying to break my fall. Yes, I cried like a baby, and hey rightfully so, I made three pretty deep “holes” on my knuckles. I am pretty sure I saw muscle, or something very white. 😦 Don’t worry I will save you from a picture of that ! This was probably the only day I was not wearing heels which is unusual for me, and I am extremely thankful, whew. Anyway that is why I have been lacking with the posts this week. My right hand has been extremely sore and it’s been hard to do this next challenge with my that being said. 😦 but I am back! 🙂

I attempted the Water marbling Challenge twice this week, once on Tuesday and I was just not happy with it, and then today, which came out better but it could still use some improvement. I feel that this is a challenge that definitely takes some practice.

I looked up numerous tutorials, none in particular to post here, Some people put tape on their fingers, some put vaseline. Some used white as a base, some used a nude, and some used a flat color. I chose white.

I chose a few different purples for the Marble look, I wanted each nail to look unique. I used “Zoya – Charisma”, “Milani – White”, “OPI – Grape, Set, Match”, “Nicole by OPI – Back to Reality…TV”, “Ulta – Celebutante”, “Nail-aid Peeling Nail” as a base, and “Looks Wet, Ultra High Gloss Top coat by inm nails”

I started out with my thumb and the heart look, however this was the only nail that I was able to get a good heart out of, please see two fail heart nails 😦

The rest of my nails, I just alternated the colors and kept swirling until I had a design I liked. Even with the tape, there was still quite a bit of clean up, more than I am used to. This was a fun challenge, but as I said definitely one that takes practice.

Here are both hands prior to clean up:

And here are the individual nails up close like above:

Hope you enjoyed my second attempt at Water Marbled Nails, Attempt one will not be shown. lol Not on purpose either! I meant to take a picture before I took them off to show you, however halfway into taking off the polish I realised I never took a picture; by that point my left hand was nude and my right hand was all choppy from holding the nail polish remover pads. Sorry Guys!

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18 thoughts on “Day 20 Water Marbled Nails – 31Challenge

  1. I love that you are trying this, I am such a marbling addict! Don’t worry, it will get easier and you will become way faster at it too so it isn’t such an ordeal! Can’t wait to see your next one! ❤


    • Thanks! You should gry it 🙂 i still need to practice at it, its one ofmthos looks that will t,e some time, unless ypu are lne of those people that the first time you try something its awesome, in which case, you suk! Lol good luck! Let me know how it turns out


  2. Well done on actually getting a heart out of it. I know those can be dastardly difficult things! Love the colours 😀


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