Day 24 Inspired by a Book – 31Challenge

This look was Inspired by a book. The colors I used were “Blackest Black – by Sinful Colors”, “Sinful Colors – Happy Ending”,  and “Zoya – Shawn”

Why blacks and greens you ask? Well you see I am in mourning, over my fingernails… 😥 As you may have seen from doing my nails so much, my nails were peeling until I got this great base coat. However I never trimmed off the original cracked, damaged tips. I just did that and I hate them. I was doing so good with keeping them long and healthy and then now they are so short again and I am NOT Happy… but hey, I’ll grow them out again : )

Anyway the book I chose was a series of R.L. Stine, Children horror books. I remember reading these as a kid and I loved them 🙂

If you are not farmiliar with the Goosebumps Series, you can see it here:

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15 thoughts on “Day 24 Inspired by a Book – 31Challenge

  1. Just curious, are you using acetone to remove? If I use acetone my nails split and peel something awful. Now I use it ony for glitter and tougher polish to remove.
    I feel your pain, but they will grow back,
    Cute design, btw. My kids loved those books!
    Xox – Judi


  2. I never read these books as a kid but I used to watch the show on Fox. lol I would probably still watch it if they had reruns. Your nails look cute!! I’m glad you finally found something to help your peeling nails.


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