Julep Penny Sale!

Over at Julep, they are doing another Penny Sale. If you go to JulepMaven.com, create your Beauty Profile, and then in the shopping Cart type in code “COLOR12” your price will go from 19.99 to one penny! I do not know how long this Sale is lasting, so act quick 😀

I had Julep for a while but was disappointed that they sent a few dupes. Apparently you can go in your “My Account” and see what is coming before it ships, and change it up ahead of time, but I wasn’t even getting emails reminding me to do this, who has the time to remember to do that?!

So needless to say, I was drawn in again by the Penny. My first Julep Box was a Penny and I did another two boxes after that at the 19.99 In total. I received a thing of Aragon oil, cuticle oil, which I LOVE, Hand Brightener lotionHand Scrubtwo nail files, a base coat, and a total of 8 polishes (one of which was the dupe that I gave to a friend for her birthday 😀 )

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