31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 26 – Pattern

I was so excited to try out my new stamps, I bought the pack of 25 Nail Stamping MASH plates on Amazon a few weeks ago and the last few challenges just did not call for them. I busted them out last night and I could not get them to work. It could be that I bought a cheap Stamper with a plastic scraper, in any event, I used it a few days again and same, no such luck. I purchased the “real” Konad Stamper and it arrived today, of course it did, just after I spent so much manual time on this look. Anyway, Cannot wait to try them and I just hope that the issue was the stamper, and not the plates.

I have enjoyed participating in the 31 Day Nail Challenge, I am sad to say it’s all coming to an end shortly, I am already on day 26,  Inspired by a pattern; because I had so much difficulty, you will see below the hard work I had to put into this look, I suppose I could have “cheated” and used my Sally Hanson Strips but I also just got in my Nail Tapes in that I wanted to try as well 😀

I used two Coats of “Elevation Polish – Avalanche” after my “nail-aid Peeling Nail base coat”, once the tape was on in the desired spot, I painted two coats of “Sonia Kashuk- 30 Dream of Genie”. As soon as I painted the first coat, not a minute later I painted the second, and then slowly took the tape off one by one. I then topped it off with “Seche Vite’ ” for quick dry, and off to the next nail 😀

Prior to clean up:

After Clean up:

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21 thoughts on “31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 26 – Pattern

  1. That’s lovely! I have somewhat abandoned the 31 day challenge at the moment. I wanted to do a new one everyday but its just not possible with my schedule! I think I might just do one every few days.

    Very well done with this one though, you must have the patience of a saint!


    • Thank you! I haven’t tried the other stamps yet, I might for the next couple of posts, or on my toe maybe, but no I have not tried them yet, I am kind of scared at this point 😦 lol


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