My First Guest Blogger Post

This post comes to you today from precious formals . They had done a great post about the OPI’s Try it on App they have available on their website along with some great polishes to tie into some of their formal dresses. See below post for information about the blog, the company, website, and dresses.

Have you ever seen a polish color that looked so amazing in the bottle, you absolutely had to buy it? Then, once you got home and tried it on you found it totally clashed with your skin tone, or looked cheap on your perfectly sculpted but extra-long nails? What a waste of $10.

Well, O·P·I now has a solution for you! Their super-chic site, viewable in several languages, now offers a chance to virtually “try on” nail polish colors. Select your skin tone and nail length from a wide range of choices, and see how each color would look on you. There’s even an option to add a layer of shatter – their version of crackle – over your favorite color!

You can check out this awesome app here.

This app, combined with their great application and mani/pedi tips, makes O·P·I’s site a must-see for any girl preparing for a formal event or a night out. We especially love their new “Texas Collection” (our headquarters are in Houston). Scroll down to see a few of our favorite color-dress combos.

Precious Formals is a Company founded by Ruby Ashraf in 1990. Over the years they have consistently continued to introduce fresh new trends to the formalwear industry in the USA. PF styles has made an impact on prom, pageant, and evening-wear markets by combining traditional designs with imaginative and creative appeal. They have grown to become the current leading prom, bridal, and formalwear distributor in the United States, with clients in several other countries as well.

For over two decades, Precious Formals has striven to become a leader in the formalwear industry in the USA. PF has been a proud recipient of the Southwestern Bridal and Formalwear Manufacturer of the Year award for many consecutive years. They have also received the Dallas Fashion award and the Atlanta DIVA award. Contestants in popular pageants, including the Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA competitions, have adorned PF designs.

For more information on the current collections, go to their website here. If you have any questions, please contact them through their Facebook page or by email (

To Find a Retailer, click here and to see all the mags that they have been featured in, see here. You should check them out!

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