Guest Blogger 2 – Beat The Heat – Face Primers

Today’s Post is from Courtney at The College Golden Goblet . A blog about a frugal college girl, blogging about a range of topics needed to succeed as a female business student, or better yet a college student in general. She created The College Golden Goblet in October 2011, to share the knowledge that she’d discovered  from various books and websites. She wanted to discuss the things in “college life” that are essential, so that every female business student around the world can become successful. Her blog is not just for the female college business student, you can find all kinds of helpful and interesting articles there. Check it out 😀

Hi girls,

Looking hot, sticky, sweaty, and having a makeup meltdown? Nothing is worse than having a makeup faux pas on a hot summer day; so make your makeup last all day even through the high heat, humidity, pool, summer sun, and ocean water by using a facial primer.

Primers are applied to your face in small amounts before your makeup to prevent your skin from becoming shiny throughout the day. They also help control oily skin problems and help your makeup stay put all day.

Using a primer along with a setting spray will help ensure that your face stays looking like a work of art and not like a wet shark!

So keep your face flawless by using a primer, here are a few faves below: (click on “Primers” link below or Sephora link)

5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger 2 – Beat The Heat – Face Primers

  1. I am a big primer fan… I recently discovered a serum from MAC, to be used before the primer, and that changed my life; my make up lasts longer, and looks fresher… even towards the end of the day – I do suffer from dullness sometimes, as I use some hardcore products for acne prone skin.. and the MAC Prep+Prime Skin Brightening Serum is just what I feel was missing in my routine… I reviewed it here:

    In terms of primer, I have been fluctuating between MAc’s Fortified Skin Enhancer in adjust, MAC’s Skin, Lancome LA Base and Murad’s Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer – Matte Finish, and like them in equal measures!



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