Nail Files: Bare All Tag NOTD 48

Lindz from girlintheglasses, came up with a Bare All Tag. Check out her original post and mine below.Many of us love our pretty polished fingers, me included, but what about the natural nails that lurk beneath the enamel?  They just don’t get much attention unless we’re prepping them for yet another coat of a lovely lacquer of our choice.  I feel it’s time to strip the polish and bare all in a show of solidarity ladies!  At least long enough to snap a photo and answer a few questions, I’m not a monster after all.  So please join me, show your naturally beautiful nails and share some information about them and the products you prefer to pamper them with.”  Take part in the Bare All Tag if you would like to, everyone has been tagged, so go for it 🙂

Nail Files: Bare All Tag:

  • Include a photo of your clean, product free, natural nails. Don’t be shy, look I even have stains on my nails from polish and still a little cracking damage.
  • Preferred length:  Short > medium
  • Preferred shape:  I guess mine would be considered “squoval.” more oval with a little squared-ness they don’t seem to split on corners and break this way
  • Favorite base coat:  nail-aid peeling base coat
  • Favorite top coat:  Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
  • Favorite cuticle cream/oil:  Julep Cuticle Oil
  • Favorite hand cream:  Sally Hanson Radiant Hands, Nails, and Cuticles Creme
  • Favorite nail clippers:  Tweezerman Clippers
  • Favorite nail file:  glass file
  • Favorite remover:  Sally Hanson plus Vitamins (non acetone)
  • Self or professional manicure:  I do my own manis, pedis and nail art.
  • How often do you polish:  2-3 times a week just about every 3-5 days depending on the durability of the mani I just did.
  • Most wanted nail product:  Essie Metallics or China Glaze Safari collection
  • Be sure to include the nail files bare all tag in your post or video response as I have below.

TAG…you’re it!

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