*Picture Heavy* My Polish Addiction (Updated)

This is an update to my Polish Addiction Post, the original can be found here. My dad made this shelf for me, and it’s been a work in progress ever since. I wanted to paint it, so my husband and I did three coats of a nice Cherry finish and two gloss top coats. I went to put it back and it kept tipping because it’s sitting on carpet, and it’s sooo heavy. I did not want to have another issue like I did here because that was just not cool. 😦 I have been procrastinating in getting brackets to secure the shelf to the wall and, FINALLY this weekend we put it up for real 😀 I also finished all my swatches  that I have been working on for a while now, so I had a very productive Saturday. Here is the final product. 🙂 ❤

And here are some pictures up close of my Collection, I will be updating my collection page here soon with a full list of my Collection.

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26 thoughts on “*Picture Heavy* My Polish Addiction (Updated)

  1. OMG I sooooooo want one of these cabinets. I wonder if I could talk my father or my husband into making me on. It’s stunning. All my polishes are in boxes on my closet floor because I live in an earthquake zone so I am super afraid of them crashing. Good to know polish bottles are made like toy trucks.


    • Thanks 🙂 i originally had by brand but especially for the challenge i did with so much nail art u need a cOertain shade of pink or green.. So i started to do by color 🙂


  2. Amanda – You never cease to amaze me!!! What an awesome collection and great idea to use the nail swatches so you will know the actual color without having to open each bottle!! Love it P.S. nice finish on the shelves it came out amazing


  3. I don’t have even the half of the stuff you do, but I never can decide which colour to put on. How do choose? 😀 I would probably stand there for hours and at the end I would decide not to put anyting just so I don’t have to make a decision! 😀


    • haha I don’t know I usually think of what type of art I want to do, what topper then try to pick colors from there, whether it be, gems, stamp, nail tattoos etc, or just nail painted art.. it is a hard choice sometimes, where other times it just comes to me/ 🙂


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