NOTD 51 There’s no Place Like Chrome

My local Target finally got the Essie Metallics Collection in, wootz! 😀 So up close and personal, next to my skin tone I didn’t like the Gold one that I had on my wish list so I ended up with “No Place Like Chrome” and “Penny Talk”.

I don’t know what I expected with a Metallic collection, but I hate these types of polishes that have those lines and imperfections that you get with Metallic and Pearlized type polishes. Hopefully in my pictures it doesn’t look too bad. I think that these two will end up just being nail art and / or stamping polishes because they were pretty opaque with just one coat.

In any event, my gf Gina gave me a bunch of miscellaneous nail water tattoo/decals. I painted “No Place Like Chrome” and used three different of the lace designs that the water decals came in. Same one on my thumb and middle, same on my ring and pointer and a different one on my pinky.

Here is a picture that is kind of messy but you can see my work in progress.

And then here is the final product

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23 thoughts on “NOTD 51 There’s no Place Like Chrome

  1. definately different than what you usually like in color, but I love it! The lace design really makes a diference in just a matellic shade.. i agree.Vintage looking. 😉 I would so wear this! If I could… good job Mae!! It looks classy! never disappointed in your final outcome 😉


  2. I got penny talk (like the commercials for phone service??) today so I’m hoping I like it and it’s not too streaky for me. Your pics look good so I have hope! 😉


  3. I have similar concerns with metallic polishes. I have one by butter London that I just don’t like. Have you seen pictures of the upcoming Duochrome polishes coming out by China Glaze?


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