NOTD 52 Penny Moon

As I mentioned in my “No Place like Chrome” mani post, I was not a fan of the new Essie Metallics collection. I was in love with the colors and the overall result, but when I went to go use it, there were just so many imperfections that I couldn’t overlook. As I have said before, this happens with all pearlized and metallic colors for the most part. Maybe it’s because it’s so shiny it’s so much easier to see the flaws, and honestly I don’t know what I expected knowing what I knew ahead of time. In any event I made a plan to use this as either an accent, or a nail art color and in this post I did just that.

I used “Essie – Penny Talk” with “China Glaze – Sexy in the City overtop” I liked this much better! I really like how “Sexy in the city” has like a shimmer to it too so it kind of blends, my husband isn’t a fan of either of the Metallic colors, but hey they are my nails! 😀 What do you guys think?

Outside – Morning, not really any sunlight yet.

Inside with flash under flourescent lighting

  Inside no flash flourescent lighting

Overall, I am much more pleased with this mani than I was with the last one; I like that not all of the brush strokes are shown as it’s covered with the half-moon. What do you think?

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24 thoughts on “NOTD 52 Penny Moon

  1. Love the metallic colors, but they can be tricky. Revlon used to make the most perfect metallic nail polish (over 10 years ago), but they discontinued it when it didn’t catch on. I’m metallics are making a comeback! (Makes me feel like I was “ahead of my time” when I bought them 10 years ago. 🙂


    • thank you so much! This one is easy 😛 You paint the color you want for the moon, in this case was the penny color. then once fully dry, I waited an hour sometimes I even do the next day… you take circle stickers, like binder hole stickers and just place them on your nail and paint over the remainder of the nail with the other color, in this case the blue


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