Hey guys, It feels like forever since I have posted last… I broke three nails so I cut them all short, short, short, I am starting over. Right now they are painted with “Essie’s Vermillionaire” and “Zoya – Charisma” on the ring finger again as I attempted the Herringbone look… UNsucessfully… I have to bathe both of my monstrous puppers this weekend so hopefully if I can get to that in tonight, I will paint tomorrow. I am going to bravely attempt some more stamping while they are short.. ::sigh::

Please ignore the chips, already in the Zoya as you will notice, they got all jacked up from my Herringbone attempt..

So I check my email and received not 1, 2, but FIVE email notifications letting me know that this one polish I have been longing for is back in stock… I am assuming I very much wanted it, since I so absent-mindedly clicked “email me when in stock” 5 times… haha! It’s called “Vermelho Surreal by Jade”, it’s a beautiful Red holographic, I also ended up getting “Energy” which is greenish blue “Jade holo”, also in todays purchase. lol

That is all for this quick post. Hope everyone is enjoying their friday, have a fun weekend! I will be back soon! 🙂

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