NOTD 58 – Stamp and Frame!

Stamping and Framing in the same mani? Yep you  heard me right. I tried both whole nail stamping and I took a stab at the framing mani. I used two coats of “OPI – Pompeii Purple” and then did the full stamp with “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” then the framing in the same color. I thought that the pink would pop through the black a little more than it did, but you can still see the shimmer and shine of the pink through it just not as much as I would have liked. Ah well, another learning experience.. maybe I am just being too critical of myself, plus I am hating how short they are, but I don’t really love this mani; but hey first full stamping and framing, I didn’t do too bad, just need some more practice 🙂


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25 thoughts on “NOTD 58 – Stamp and Frame!

    • haha! Thanks! Does anyone else have this problem, where even the full nail stamps just don’t cover your nail beds? I dont think that my nail beds are that big, especially my pinky its kind of skinny, and even cut so short I still couldn’t cover my whole nail with the stamps, hence the frame.


      • I think that it depends on the stamp sets. Konad seems to be pretty big most of the time and I’ve only had a problem with them being too small like once. The first BM plates are known for being small and I know that salon express kit is a joke with how small the full nail designs are.


      • hmm maybe that was it, I refuse to pay that much for the Konad brand ones, I got a set of the Mash plates, actually two, one big plate and a special Hello Kitty dont know the brand, but I don’t think any of mine are actual Konad brands, I dont want to spend 5+ dollars just for one 😦


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