EOTD 19 – Plum Craze

Storybook Apothecary posted a really good post yesterday about some great and free photo editing sites. Now I am not one to alter my pictures entirely, however if I have a cut on my finger, or a red mark on my face, or even just to brighten the photo a little more than my camera can so that you see what I see… I am a total fan of editing. So I used it a little, made the color a little crisper again to make you see what I saw, just a little more advanced than my camera, then I messed around with some cool fonts for my watermark, and then a little blur to put a focus on the picture. I really liked the Pixlr Express, that is the one I used. I cannot wait to try it out in more detail for future posts. 😀 What are your thoughts on photo editing?

For this look I used my new “Avon Metallic liquid eyeliner in Plum Craze” and “Too Faced – After Glow in Lust” topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

So what do you think of this look and the minor editing? Is minor editing okay? What are your thoughts?


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12 thoughts on “EOTD 19 – Plum Craze

  1. Very pretty!

    I am pretty much the same; I will edit out a cut or hangnail or random dog hair…or sometimes the clearest photo had some weird white balance or something so I will play with exposure (I also only shoot in RAW for this reason).


  2. I think balancing out levels, brightness and contrast is absolutely fine. I, too, will happily edit out a blemish or stray hair etc.


  3. I think editing is very good and useful for increasing the quality of the pictures. You can make a picture nicer and easier to look at just as long as you don’t change the colours or increase intensity over the natural colours of a product, which I’ve also seen a lot. It’s quite easy to fake whole makeup looks if you know how to and that’s a shame. I edit my pictures as well but I never enhance colour unless the colours really don’t show the actual natural colour. On my nailpolish swatches I erase little spots on my hands, try to remove little bits of dust and hair that really is unable to see with your eyes while taking pictures. Those kind of things:)

    The Avon liner is very pretty! I love the colour!


    • Thanks! I am no where near good to fake things like that! Lol thank you for your feedback will use this site for minor things and all that good stuff! Thanks i love this liner it glides on great liquid liner ❤


  4. I am all for editing if you are doing it to achieve more true to life results. As we all know, sometimes colors just look completely insanely different after we download the photos. I am going to have a look at the article you linked! Thanks!


    • Thanks! It’s really awesome! Yes it sure is very difficult to capture most colors I find. But this works great there is a vibrance enhancer that I used and just made it more true to life colors. 🙂


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