NOTD 59 – Holos

My new holos came in the mail yesterday!! I ordered from Ninja Polish. This color is so fabulous that almost as soon as it came back in stock, its sold out again! The first holo I have for you is “Jade – Vermehlo Surreal”




The second is on my toesies and its “Jade – Energy”



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36 thoughts on “NOTD 59 – Holos

  1. Wow, these are so amazing. As much as I love holos, I was so disappointed by the wear of the Laylas that I just kind of forgot about holos for a while. These are really gorgeous.


    • Thanks! I am so in love with them, they are gorgeous, the only downfall is that in my house. they dont sparkle like I wish they would all the time they need bright lights or the sun. Whats with the Laylas that you were so disapointed in?


      • The wear. They literally start chipping on me within an hour…no joke. I am still hoping that once I buy an aqua base, that might help them but so far, they don’t last on my nails at all. 😦 And the worst part is that they are so pretty!!!!


      • oh that is terrible!! I have a few glitters that do that, that they are thick glitters that chip instantly. That sucks because from what I have seen with their swatches they are beautiful! Well maybe you could try these? Since Friday they seem to be doing pretty good with wear. 🙂 and with as often as we change our nails it wont last much past that haha


    • Yep they are, 😦 As soon as I posted it and almost as soon as my delivery came I noticed that as soon as they came in they were sold out. Everyone must have saw my beautiful nails and wiped her out! haha! You can click the notify me button though and she will let you know when she gets it back in stock? 🙂 Thats a plus 🙂


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