NOTD – 61 My first Deborah Lippmann

I have mentioned in other posts and on comments to other blogs, that I am SO ready for fall… I am over the heat, done with my summer colors, and am ready for my wintery/fall colors. Can’t wait to wear all my cute boots, drink pumpkin coffee, see the  leaves fall (until I have to rake them up).. lots more! So I was very ready for this color I am about to show you.

I got my first Deborah Lippmann this week, notice how I didn’t say purchased… The company that I work for has a sort of reward program in place, where management as well as your associates can recognize you for a job well done, something you did above and beyond, that they felt deserved extra recognition. You receive an online reward with a point attachment, which you can then spend those points. We have had this for a while now and I have racked up some points and to my surprise , o-m-g there is nail polish in there!! They had about 7 Deborah Lippmann, some Jessica’s, Borghese, and a few others. I got the polish with my rewards, totally free! Good thing too because I just can’t bring myself to spend 18 dollars on her polish!

“Across the Universe” is the one I got, It’s a gorgeous navy with green sparkles, as well as blue and green glitter flakes. It’s simply gorgeous! I loved the formula, the bottle is super cute! The only thing is its very dark and I feel you really have to look to see the detail, this is three coats. Maybe next time I will try over another navy or another blue to see if you can see the details more… In any event, here is three coats of “Deborah Lippman’s – Across the Universe”



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20 thoughts on “NOTD – 61 My first Deborah Lippmann

  1. Mae I love your fall colors can’t wait till you do my nails again. My flowers are sstill in great shape that polish is great.


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