NOTD – 65 Deutche you just love it

Friday is finally here and so is the end of Summer! This weekend is Labor Day weekend, which means that it’s the unofficial end to Summer in the US, even though technically the first day of Fall technically isn’t until September 22nd. In any event I am more than excited and with that have another fab mani for you (or at least I hope you think it’s fabulous too) lol 😀

I used a fall color “OPI’s – Deutche You Want Me Baby” and “OPI’s – Russian Navy” for the stamps. This is my transition mani, I have Fall colors and then Summery stamps.

I even have my Butterfly accessories on today:


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25 thoughts on “NOTD – 65 Deutche you just love it

  1. I think these are your best nails yet! So cute! How do you do the stamping? Are there such things as nail stamps? This is adorable and perhaps a clumsy person like me could even do this if there are legit stamps out there.


    • Thank you so much!! There are! There are metal stamping plates that have an indentation for the polish, you brush the polish over it and use your scraper that comes in your “stamping kit” to get it off the sides. Use your rubber stamper and it puts the polish on that and you just stamp on to (very dry) nails and voila. There are full nail stamps and then kind like these. it takes some practice, I feel like I am getting better for sure. You should really check out the nail stamping.. although I warn… you will become addicted and trying to find all kinds of designs! Happy Hunting and thanks again so much ❤


  2. I have not seen the new fall colors yet, and LOVE this one!!! And the stamping is awesome. I love stamping on my nails but I have never used OPI polish as my stamping ink…how does it compare to the Paint that is sold for the stamping? I love your transition into fall. Very cute.


    • Thank you so much! The fall line is gorgeous! I honestly never bought the stamping polish, I figure I have so much polish why spend extra money on polish just for stamping.. it’s been a little more frustrating trying to find shades that work nicely over other polishes and are dark enough that they work, but trial and error. 🙂 Thank you again 😀


  3. First of all Love the Fall colors!!! LOTS! N the stamps are getting even better, Love the different ones… They show up great and love the individulaity of each!! Awesome Mae 😉


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