Hair accessories

I work in an office and dress business casual but I still like to be an individual, Me. I am very into my accessories or “bling” as my husband calls it lol. I have been posting some of my jewelry I have gotten from Lia Sophia or you might even catch some of my bling if I do full face shots. I love my shoes, my hair accessories,  etc. Today, I have some new fabulous pieces to show you.

The name of the shop is Emvious Boutique and her name is Emily. Emi and I actually went to school together back in the day. Due to the wonderful world of Facebook I saw that she had opened up a boutique on Etsy earlier this year. I love Etsy, and I loved her accessories so I ordered from her right away. I got a black on white polka-dotted bow, a white on black, more recently I got the two below. Check out her awesome shop, she is super friendly, very fast, and has the cutest stuff! She sells mostly bows and also does custom pieces, (I am getting a few pieces customized now) 😀 Check her shipping policies out here: , while you are there check out her fabulous shop!

Here are my two recent bows I got in from her shop:


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