NOTD – 75 fail

Whomp Whomp! Sundays suck because Mondays soon follow and let’s face it Mondays suck! so does this mani. It’s certainly not my worst mani I just , I don’t know if it’s the colors, or that each nail is different, I just really dislike it. The blue is “Nina Pro – Cobalt” and overtop “OPI – Did it on em’ ” it isn’t as cobalt, more of a navy so that was another thing I didn’t like. Good news is though, tomorrow is October 1st so ,1 days till Halloween, my favorite time of the year, and the first day of a whole month of Halloween manis! I am not going to do one every day just as often as I normally do them, but whole month will be Halloween related in some way 😀

So here is only one pic of the mani. Let me know what you think

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19 thoughts on “NOTD – 75 fail

  1. It really is not that bad, but I know, if YOU don’t like it, you don’t like it! I think you did a good job, but I lke blue nail polish, and the yellow was a good contrast. Looking forward to your Halloween mani’s! Xoxo


  2. I know how you feel when something just doesn’t turn out right. My metallic nails are a disasticure and I’m wearing them right now trying to convince myself to like them. :-/ I think these look cool tho. Nothing actually wrong w them but I get how you feel. Good thing your next mani (spiderwebs) was totally fantastic!


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