EOTD 25 – brown kohl eye liner

Most of my eye liners are Avon, I do have a few MAC, Urban Decay etc, but I absolutely love my Avon liners! I got a little while ago, a “Kohl eye-liner in brown” for todays look I tried something a little different of a look that I saw on Pinterest. It’s not quite exactly like their looks, theirs are more dramatic in the color contrast and of course better blending, but I am getting there and I think I like this look. :/

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Avon Kohl eye-liner in brown”

“e.l.f. tan” on lid inside the liner

“e.l.f. brown shimmer” on top of liner on outer corner

“Urban Decay super curl curling mascara”

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12 thoughts on “EOTD 25 – brown kohl eye liner

  1. These colors also look so good on you! They match your eyes and eyebrows perfectly. I wish I had the ability to match colors they way you do. I’m lucky you and I have almost the same color eyes so I know that these colors will work on me as well! I have never tried Avon eyeliners. I have oily skin so many eye liners smudge on my lids. Do you think the Avon ones would work for me?

    Beautiful Mae, as always. =)


    • Thank you so much!! I do have very oily skin too and the only thing I have noticed is as they are not waterproof unless otherwise noted, if I do a cat or winged eye and I have my allergies as I am rubbing my eye I rub it off. but with a good primer it usually stays put


    • Thank you! I really want to do dark colors too and a lighter one part of the look is the contrast, but I am scared of darker colors lol! That and I need work on my blending too, Thank you! 😀


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