EOTD – 26 BCA makeup

My grandmother is a Breast Cancer Survivor, I have always tried to support and raise more Awareness whenever I can. My mother-in-law and I participated in the 2day, 39.3 mile, Avon Breast Cancer Walk in NYC last October, I have done the small 5k walks, I buy just about everything that says they donate a percentage of the profit to BC Awareness… of course this year is no different. I have worn my Breast Cancer Pin every day this month so far and will continue throughout the month.

My work is participating in a 5k walk at the end of the month and each Friday we are wearing Pink for Casual Fridays. Along with my pin, I wore a Pink button down shirt with my jeans, my pink Breast Cancer sneaks that I got for the walk last year, both of my pink rings, my pink rose earrings, a pink hair clip and of course the pink makeup that I am about to show you

*This is not an every day look for me, in fact if you look back at most of my EOTD posts they are all more subtle, this is the boldest I have done yet and I agree not very work appropriate for every day, however it is BCA Day at my work. My husband seems to think it’s too much…. :/ pff

ANYWAY, I used:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

Step 1: After primer is dry, used my “MAC eyeliner” to draw a cat eye and color in. Extend the top line of the cat eye about halfway to middle of eye in crease (similar to my last kohl eye liner look)

Step 2: Using “Coastal Scents – Vibrant Pink” which matches the eye liner, I took a small brush and covered the liner and blended

Step 3: Dab some “Coastal Scents – Pompano Pink” I put starting at the outer crease of my eye to mid and blended the two pinks.

Step 4: “Coastal Scents – Love Light” on inner corner to mid and blend those pinks so it’s a gradient pink look.

Step 5: Take same “MAC eye liner” and make a line on lower and upper lash line about 3/4 way in and blend with liner brush

Topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

So what do you think, do I look like “Mimi from the Drew Carey show”? 😦

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17 thoughts on “EOTD – 26 BCA makeup

  1. I don’t think you look like Mimi from the DC show as you have no blue on.
    I actually LOVE the look and how you did it. Done fabulously! I wouldn’t wear it for daytime that’s all. It is more of a going out look TO ME as that’s what I’d go for.


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