HMOTD 5 – Hallowed Croc

I don’t really think that crocodiles are very Halloween, I think that if I came across one in real life I would be scared! lol but this mani was really inspired by Halloween colors and me determined to master this pain in the ass croc crackle!

For this look, I used 1C “Essie – No Place like chrome” as underwear, 1C “Color Club – Lava Lamp” and 1C of “Barry M – Black Croc Crackle” This crackle is a little different from the regular, for one when it crackles it looks like crocodile skin, for another your nails have to be dry to the tough kind of tacky, they can’t be completely dry like regular crackle. For me, and maybe I am doing it wrong but I was having such a hard time, the crackle wasn’t drying right, didn’t look right, etc then Seche Vite when it dried mushed the colors together.. ugh! So I finally gave it another go today with these colors for a Halloween look. I used an “OPI” top coat and once it was dry, Seche Vite for extra protection and the colors didn’t bleed this time.

So I know that most of you are over the crackle-ness but what do you think of this one and this Halloween Mani of the day? 😀

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25 thoughts on “HMOTD 5 – Hallowed Croc

  1. Is it just me or does crackle seem to be every where again? Julep had crackle in their October boxes? They are supposed to be on the cutting edge but I think they were a little late? But then I see Revlon has an all new “Break Up” duos that look kinda cute, with crackle! It’s not my favorite but your Halloween mani is adorable, you did a good job.
    — Judi


    • It really does seem that way, I saw some of those Julep boxes too and in Avon they were advertising it like it was new. I just love how different this one is though and the neon orange poking through, so glad you liked it 😀


  2. I think these look awesome but… Am I the only one who thinks the croc effects kind of look like cracked calluses on old people feet in the foot care section of like Miles Kimball or something? I hope you’re not eating when you read this. Sorry in advance.


  3. I gotta admit I’m one of those crack haters. I don’t think I even really liked it when it first came out…it was more of a novelty to me so I did get a few colors but never really used them. So about the alligators…all I can think of right now is when I was watching Paula Deen’s cooking show and she was making fried gator.


    • LOL i have about 8 crackles and i honeslty think i maybe tried 3 there was sjust something about this being diff that appealed to me. Was a very messy and sticky clean up to remove so it probaly wont be used again lol


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