HMOTD 7 – Skull-tastic

Today was an exhausting day! whew! I got up and left the house by 8 to go to this, basically all day craft show. They have all kinds of crafts, baked goods, etc. Just lots of neat stuff, I usually get some people Christmas presents there. Anyway, I got home around 4, then we went out for drinks and apps for my mom, she is getting married Friday. so needless to say I am very tired so this will be quick! LOL

This was the stamp that I used with “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” I used pieces of the stamp and once on the stamper I wiped off what I didnt want to use and just used the skull heads and the crossbones. For this look I ddn’t want it to be girly since it’s Halloween.

The other two polishes used were “OPI – Did it on em’ ” and then “Sinful Colors – Call ya later” as the gradiant coat.

So what do you think of Skull-tastic ?

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16 thoughts on “HMOTD 7 – Skull-tastic

    • Thanks! I did that first when i started stamping, i ould get so frustrated dont know if i wasnt scraping enough hut i would get a random line or something on my stamper that didnt go so i usually scrape off with my cuticle pusher its got small enough scraper! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚


  1. This is MY favourite of all you’ve posted so far. It isn’t girly but it’s damn funky and cool!
    Love the colours and the gradient look but most of all I really love the skull stamp on the nail (as well as the skull stamp as is)!
    Job IMMENSELY well done! Gorgeous!


  2. I’m actually surprised at how well liquid leather stamps. I think I tried it once and it didn’t transfer very well for me at all. This mani is super bad ass. I love it.


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