NOTD 84 – Purple nails for Epilepsy Awareness

This Saturday I will be walking in the 5k Epilepsy Awareness walk in my area. I believe this is the fifth year we have done this. A very young family member was suffering very badly with seizures., he went through a lot,brain surgeries, extreme meds, etc. He is a strong little boy and has thankfully been over a year seizure free to date. I decided to do some Epilepsy Awareness nails in honor of the walk and the boy whom the organization is based upon as he has unfortunately passed away since last years walk. For more information on the cause and more on the Clayton’s Hope Organization click here.

I painted one coat of “Essie’s – No Place Like Chrome” once dry, used some nail strips. I don’t know if you can tell the subtle difference or not, but my ring and pointer finger the stripes are a little further apart from the other three nails which are closer together. The purple overtop is “Milani 3D Holographic -514 Hi Res”

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13 thoughts on “NOTD 84 – Purple nails for Epilepsy Awareness

  1. Reblogged this on Embelladorn and commented:
    That’s so great what you’re doing to show your support and spread awareness for epilepsy. I love your nails and it’s a coincidence but I was picking out which eyeshadows to wear tomorrow and believe it or not, they were those exact colors but it eyeshadow form. Weird!


  2. These are beautiful and good for you for bringing awareness to the cause and doing the 5k. I’m sorry to hear about your little relative but I’m glad he’s doing better!


    • Thanks he is doing much better, its such a shame because the epileptic seizures mess with your brain the one biy whim the org. Was based on died this year during a seizure, he was a normal boy and the seizures messed wiht him more and more he was in a wheelchair and couldnt do anything for himself and then had his last seizure, its sooo sad. But not just with epilepsy there are so many terrible things in this workd we get, and causes to fight, its too much sometimes. :/


  3. These are totally gorgeous. I love how subtle they are but still really sparkly. It’s really great that you’re participating in this to bring awareness to an important cause.


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