Halloween Party – non-polish related

With all the talks about cleaning and preparation for our party this past Saturday. it only seemed fit to share some pics with you.

This was our living room which was the Witch’s room.

The next two pics of our kitchen, The Bloody room 🙂

This was our Dining Room or otherwise known as the black light room. Hanging from the chandelier was Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This is not the best picture of my tree, was hard to capture, but I loved how glowy the lights looked, It’s a Black creepy tree with Purple LED lights, I call it my Nightmare Before Christmas tree. I hang sparkly spiders from it and neon colored skeleton key chain favors.

My skeleton man, we picked him up a few years ago from AC Moore or Michael’s. You plug him in and he moves and lights up.

This was our zombie man we got this year. My husband put him on the inside of the front door and every time you walked by him in the kitchen you had to do a double take. I kept thinking someone was at the front door, he kept creeping me out!

This was our spiders nest we made, we got the idea from Polish The Stars

Finally was our costumes. We were The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. our one dog Tempest the female is part wolf so naturally she did not need a costume. We just took her collar off. The other one whom is all husky, the white male, was the little piggie with the straw house. My husband was the little piggie with the stick house and I with the brick house. I put gray paint on my overall dress I found on ebay.

Son did not like his costume! :/

Finally just one last pic of Blizzard and Tempest in the background

So what did everyone else do for Halloween?

30 thoughts on “Halloween Party – non-polish related

  1. That looks awesome, really cool. I already have random zombie nightmares now and then so this would have creeped me out a lot! And your dogs!!!! They are so beautiful I’ve always loved husky’s and all the wolf looking dogs.


  2. I love your Zero, he’s just so adorable. You must’ve worked so hard on all those decorations and costumes, I hope everyone enjoyed it (apart from one of the little pigs LOL).

    This Halloween was quite dull, no-one even knocked the door all night. On the plus side there was lots of tasty popcorn to eat. 🙂


    • thanks so much! we did, we did so much work, but Halloween is my thing! I always do a big Halloween party and then I do Christmas Eve but it’s not nearly as big as Halloween lol! We did have a nice time thanks! Although I am in NJ and Hurricane Sandy hit here, so it was all downhill from there. lol on the plus side, we had left over pizza from Saturday that we ate for about 3-4 days thereafter 😀


  3. Oh my gosh your house was so cute!! The decorations are awesome and cute and scary… I just love it. And your piggy costumes including for the dogs were hilarious. Next year I’m coming to YOUR party!! 🙂


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