NOTD 99 – Featured Color ‘Black Friday’

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Featured Color Friday. Each Friday I will feature a color that I have yet to on the blog. Then new links will be added to my “Current Polish collection” page until all are filled.

These were my New Years Day nails. I painted one coat of “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” and topped with two coats of “Lush Lacquer – Black Friday” and “Seche Vite”

I absolutely love the colors and shapes and the design, and everything about the polish. It however is a glitter topper that you have to maneuver and manipulate on your nails so it lays where you want it to sometimes. ( if you are OCD like me) 😀


Still trying to get the lighting just right with my new light box, but I definitely see some improvements. Sorry about the blurriness around some nails, I had minor black polish marks before clean up that I tried to blur out. I wanted to take the pictures last night before Seche shrinked the look, and of course I did all that, and it didn’t shrink… 😦 I should be happy I know but I sat there and edited all the pictures. now I am using them hahaha

So what do you think of this polish and my new pictures?

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22 thoughts on “NOTD 99 – Featured Color ‘Black Friday’

  1. The pictures are not as bad as you thought. You are creative and inventive with nails. I don’t usually wear polish on my fingers but enjoys trying new things with my toe nails. Great job


  2. I think your pictures look good lighting-wise. I need to build a lightbox and see how my pictures turn out. Don’t you just hate black polish because of how it just LOOOOOVES to stick around? haha. This glitter is really cute too! I like the different colors in it. 🙂


    • Thanks! Actually i always have a problem with black polish chipping! I always used sinful colors for black then got a lot of reccomendations for china glaze liquid leather and that chipped just the same. 😦


  3. I like! It kind of reminds me of lite bright gone crazy….but at the same time it reminds me of a sweater I’d see in the 80’s. I feel like I used to see black sweaters on men with kind of random speckled colors like this in the fabric…I prob sound crazy but I see it in my head! Btw, your pictures are getting more clear! I’m always struggling and fidgeting around with my set up (or lack of) so it’s great when you start seeing a difference 🙂


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