NOTD 103 – Featured Color Friday

Hey guys! It’s been a week and I’m sorry for the absence… As most of you know that read last week’s Featured Color Friday, I was in the ER Wednesday. I have tried to stay away from acetone all week :/ I have also been sick with this flu since December 17th. Although I was careful not to touch anything and used a lot of antibacterial…. I still picked up one of the other strands of the flu at the Hospital. Ugh! This strand was even worse than the first, so I have also been very sick all week.

I am back now and feeling a little better, so hopefully this time it goes away once and for all !! 🙂

For my Birthday, the lovely Lesley got me the “Jade Holographic polish in Magia Negra”. I used two coats of that gorgeous holo on my ring and index fingers and the remainder, used two coats of “Maybelline Impeccable Greys”.

My thumb is also unwrapped now, so I was able to finally take lots of pictures and paint my nails better this week. 😀 but don’t worry no pics of my injury 🙂


I am absolutely in love with these holos! I have 4 of them now thanks to Lesley she got me this one and “Deja Vu”, I already had “Energy” and “Vermehlo Surreal”. I cant wait to use the pink 😀

Don’t forget about the giveaway, still one week away until TWO winners are chosen! 😀  *NOW CLOSED*

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37 thoughts on “NOTD 103 – Featured Color Friday

  1. Both of these colors are lovely! I never would have thought that gray would be such a great nail color. But I love it! Thank you for not showing me your injury. I hope it is healing well and that you feel better and better every day.


  2. YAY! I love seeing swatches of the colors I bought for the birthday girls! It makes me happy. This one does NOT disappoint…what a phenomenal holo! I am definitely intrigued by these Jade holos, for sure!
    I’m glad your thumb is doing better. I had the flu recently, too, and it was BRUTAL. I also think I may have picked it up at the hospital (I had to go there with my mom). It took me like two weeks to feel human again. Anyway….I hope you feel better! Look at your nails for a pick-me-up! 😉


    • LOL yayy isn’t it gorgeous! Thanks again soooo much! My thumb is actually doing much better, healing nicely 😀 Finally starting to feel a ltitle better too with the flu thing.. ugh! Glad you are feeling better too hopefully your mom is too!


  3. Mannn you have just NOT been having any luck lately, have you? Well just think of it this way- you have GOT to have been getting all your sickness done for the whole year so from here on out you should be good to go! haha. Just go easy on the cutting with knives and you’ll be alright. 🙂 These nails are really pretty. I have got to get some Jade holographic polishes. Theirs are so pretty and are actually vibrant colors! I get sick of the Layla ones being like basically all the same color, well at least with very little variation.


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