NOTD 107 – Snow Angel, Shawn

Sundays are the worst day of the week next to Mondays, because they lead up to Mondays, which are horrific… ugh.

Today I have “Zoya – Shawn” and “Lush Lacquer – Snow Angel”. I painted two coats of “Shawn” and then accented with one coat of “Snow Angel” which is a gorgeous gold and white topper by “Lush Lacquer”.

Picture 114Picture 113Picture 111Picture 106Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, only one day left! *NOW CLOSED*

Good Luck Everyone!

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14 thoughts on “NOTD 107 – Snow Angel, Shawn

  1. To be honest the green doesn’t work for me. Not that it’s ugly on you because it isn’t! It just isn’t a colour for me. That being said, 1. I like the accent being on the pinky and index finger and 2. I love snow angel, very pretty!


    • Thank you dear! This is one of those colors, Shawn, that people either love or hate, I love it on my skin tone and I am usually not an olivy green type of girl but for some reason I like it.


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