NOTD 111 – Valentine’s Day Gradient

I have another Valentine’s Day themed mani for you.

I first painted two coats of “Ulta – Snow White”  Then I painted a gradient look using “Girls Rock – Pretty Girls Rock” glitter. As a final step, I used “Milani – white nail art” to make a tiny heart on my ring finger as an accent, all topped with “Seche Vite”

Picture 107Picture 113Picture 115Picture 112Picture 106


There you have it, another love themed mani ❤  Happy Sunday!

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16 thoughts on “NOTD 111 – Valentine’s Day Gradient

    • I paint it with polish, I paint about 25% of the nail with the glitter, then overtop to about 30-40% then final coat is all the way up to 75% and if you play with it you can get it to look like that. a lot of the solid polishes people use sponge techniques which i havent gotten down lol so i stick to glitter gradients 😀


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