NOTD 112 – Love Mani

Today I have a mushy love mani for you. Some people are anti-Valentine’s Day, some people get overly mushy, and some people are just in the middle. I am more in the middle, I have been married for 9 years now and Valentine’s Day is special don’t get me wrong, but as cheesy as it may sound, every day is Valentine’s Day. Okay, maybe not every day, but we try to make life special every day, our relationship special every day, so I am more of an in the middle kind of gal when it comes to the actual Valentine’s Day. We went out to dinner and a movie last week, (Not going ON the day, too crazy, and we figured that this weekend would also be insane). We saw Warm Bodies and went to a Hibachi Steak and Seafood grill, which was delish!

I call this a mushy mani as I took out every love, heart, rose, etc. stamp that I had for todays nails. lol 🙂

I started out by painting three coats of “e.l.f. – pearl pink” This is a very light and subtle shimmery, pearly pink.

My thumb, I used Stamp OB-M I dotted two of the roses with “Zoya – Suri” and the last one with “China Glaze – Adventure Red-y” and the stems and leaves I dotted with “Ulta – Envy”. I also took two hearts from stamp “SE-20” off of the xoxo stamp to add to the side of the roses.


My ring finger, I used the stamp “SE-21” I put a dot of “Suri” in the middle and outlined it with “Adventure Red-y”

For my pinky I used the same stamp from “OB-M” I finished off all of the roses with a little glitter “Milani – art of silver”, I don’t know if you have ever seen the glitter dusted roses, that is what I was going for.


I used the hearts stamp from “SE-21” on my pointer finger and where I placed it wasn’t center so the bottom part of my nail was exposed and looked odd… I re-stamped some more of the hearts from the same stamp in the red. The reflection spots in the stamp, I accentuated with the glitter.

I then used the ‘xoxo’ stamp from “SE-20” and put the xoxo in the red and the hearts in the purple. Once done, I then added two more hearts from same stamp in the red.


Here is the final look.

IMG_2299 IMG_2295

The other hand, I got lazy and it was getting late last night.. lol so I used the same base, but alternated the red and the purple on every other finger, using stamp “OB-M” the heart, again accented with the glitter.


So what do you have plans this Valentine’s day?


Also: Stay tuned for my review on “OPI’s Nail Envy” It’s working out great for me, its been almost two weeks and my nails feel stronger and no peeling or chipping, full review to come! Thanks to everyone that suggested it! ❤


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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16 thoughts on “NOTD 112 – Love Mani

  1. I’m with you on Valentine’s day. Hubby and I have been married 28 years so we don’t need “a” day to be sweet and romantic. We did go out to dinner last night and decided that was our “Valentine’s Day” date. I love that you did your nails in theme. They are perfectly cute and lovey in pinks, reds and purples. It must have taken you a long time. They sure look awesome.


  2. i did the whole before V-day event too. My hunny took me to a honeymoon lodge on Monday into Sunday. The kind of thing where it has a hot tub and they give u a free log for the fireplace. then we hit the casino. it was nice we did not want to get caught on the actual day and not be able to get anywhere. plus the room was cheaper, they wanted $400 if you booked it on valentines day night.


  3. happy valentines day Mae.. Your Love and connection that you speak of after 9 years is heart warming,,As is the mani that you created. Feel good creation! Love them…:-) It does look like alot of work there , even with your talent. But not surprised …You really are so Creative and talented! I do believe that is how you have managed to have a relationship that is like Valentine’s day everday( almost)!haha… taking the details into each and every day life events and making you both apart of it! Love it!

    NO copy cat relationship, or nail art… All comes out amazing! ❤


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