NOTD 113 – Featured Color Friday – Stinkycolor

Good Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!

The lovely Cynthia over at Of Life and Lacquer got me “Kleancolor- Fuscia Holo” for my Birthday, off of my Polish wish list.

I was very excited because this was my first Kleancolor and finally got to use it for this weeks ‘Featured Color Friday’ segment. The overall polish is a fuscia colored, verrry jelly like color. There are little flicks in it that remind me of “Essie’s Shrine of the Tides” but these flicks are circular like glitter shaped shiny flicks. I call this post Stinkycolor because I do not know if it is all Kleancolors, (I think I remember some other bloggers commenting to this too) but they STINK! lol

Once you get over the stinkiness, and its very slow dry time, overall I really liked this polish. Its unique and very pretty! Thank you so much Cynthia! ❤

Because this is a pink with purple tints it was hard to capture, so this is not 100% true to color here and I apologize, I tried everything! Different rooms, different lighting, flash, no flash, lightbox, no lightbox, outside, you name it, at least you will get the idea.


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11 thoughts on “NOTD 113 – Featured Color Friday – Stinkycolor

  1. Ohh, pretty! I’d probably use a cream undies coat because I hate how jellies need so many coats to get rid of visible nail line. Hahaha, that’s a shame that it’s a stinky polish; it looks worth it though! 🙂


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