NOTD 116 – Hello Kitty

It’s Monday again already.. I swear each weekend just blinks by.

This weekends mani was inspired by some amazing yard art that a friend made for me. She made me this adorable Hello Kitty Flyers fan, and I just ordered a Hello Kitty Easter one too!

I used “Nail Envy”, and then two coats of “Julep – Emma”, once dry I used stamping plate “KD18” with “Orly” what I call Barbie pink. This Orly is so old it’s from when my mom did nails 10+ years ago. I know that some people believe you should throw them out, but why should I, it works and doesn’t stink and hasn’t hardened. Anyway I used the Barbie pink for the stamp and made some polka dots.

Picture 117Picture 116Picture 115Picture 113Picture 109Picture 108


On another note, my little sister is pregnant and is due in about three weeks with a little boy. I don’t think she is going to make it to her due date, either way I will do some special baby boy nails just for her and my new little Godson very shortly. ❤

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27 thoughts on “NOTD 116 – Hello Kitty

  1. Cute nails. I’m with you, I don’t throw any polish away unless it is hardened. And stamping is a great way to use the thicker polises. Congrats to your sister. Can’t wait to see your little boy mani 🙂


    I had a bottle of OPI (the only bottle I DID own) that lasted 4 years but then it DID start stinking and the formula was like separating so I had to chuck it. So I agree, why throw away when it is still usable!!


    • thank you !!! I agree too, I have about 10 bottles from when she did nails all orlys and opi’s and only a couple of the orlys got thicker but none stink, and they are all still usable, so I am not throwing them out!! no way lol


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