NOTD 122 – Featured Color Friday – Beachy Keen

Although the first day of Spring was Wednesday, and as much as I want Spring to be here… it’s not. It’s about 40 degrees and with the wind chill, it feels like it’s in the 20’s. Oh, and Monday they are calling for snow. . . .  not a lot and probably won’t stick, but not the point. Where are my flowers, and my sandal weather, and my butterflies, and hummingbirds?? I know that we didn’t really have the harshest weather this NJ winter, but I tell you, I am done!

So last night, I painted my nails last night with “Lush Lacquer’s – Color Me Gray” and I was all done and looking at my nails there was just something so familiar… Well that would be because I already featured this color and forgot. ::sigh:: I had to take it all off and start over. Not that I won’t ever wear that color again, because I do love it, just that this is ‘Featured Color Friday’ and I’ve featured it and couldn’t believe that it slipped my mind already! I guess I just wanted to wear it again so bad.. 😀

I ended up with a new color I just picked up, can’t go wrong with that, I know I haven’t used this one for Friday yet! It’s “Sonia Kashuk’s – Beachy Keen” it’s a coral, peach, orange type of Springy color. Of course another hard to capture polish. The slight Peachy – ness to the polish was hard to catch, but you will see the two outside ones, you can see the hint, where-as inside it takes on the more orange hue of it.


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20 thoughts on “NOTD 122 – Featured Color Friday – Beachy Keen

  1. Beautiful colors Amanda! Perfect for this season. Off topic.. have you tried Shellac nails? What do you think about it? I’m on the fence whether to give it a shot ot not. Thanks a lot. Vera


  2. Love both these shades. Especially the orange. Feel your pain re spring! Its -1 in London tonight and forecast to snow tomorrow! Not happy!


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