NOTD 128 – Featured Color Friday – Gemma

It’s Friday!! woot woot! 🙂 So this week is a featured color brought to you by the lovely Frosso. My Birthday twin got me this polish back in December for my Birthday. It’s “Zoya – Gemma” and it really is a gem. This is an odd color for me, I don’t have anything else like it, it’s not my normal go to, but I saw it on others and just fell in love with it. It’s an olivey type of green with little hints of blue shimmer, you can kind of see it shimmering in the flash spots on the pictures below. This is three thin coats of the color.


I also got this fabulous two-fingered ring that I am simply in love with last weekend at NY and Company. I have been looking for a two-fingered ring for a while now, and what better ring, its like it was made for me as it’s a bow. (Speaking of which I just got some new custom bows in from Em’s shop I can’t wait to show you)


Alright guys, that’s all for now. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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12 thoughts on “NOTD 128 – Featured Color Friday – Gemma

  1. Gemma looks great on you! I still haven’t even gotten it for myself yet, I’m being good…kinda. I love the ring too, two fingered rings always look cool but I know it would bother my if I wore it. I’d be thinking about it too much and my fingers would get all clostrophobic. I sound retarded lol but it’s true.


    • HAHA It’s not ttoo bad really, everyone asked me that too like does it hurt but you can still spread your hand open I type fine, etc. lol you are toof unny! and yes I do very much love Gemma, thank you dear, you definetly need to pick it up yourself when you stop being good hehe


  2. Love the mani! Nice green color. I have never heard of a 2-fingered ring. Can you move your 2 fingers in it? Or does it make them like joined together? It’s a very pretty ring, but I think it might bother me to have those 2 fingers stuck together 🙂


    • hehe thats what most say, I cant say for all rings but this one allows me to be pretty normal, I am typnig fine, etc. There is a little strain if I try to stretch my hand all the way out but on a normal day to day activity its fine 🙂 Thank you 😀


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