NOTD 133 – Not A Cloud in the Sky

Happy Monday everyone, This week is crazy again so no posts again till Friday. :/ So I painted my nails over the weekend and ironically enough the name of the polish is “Not A Cloud in the Sky by Loreal” and the ironic part about it, is all week its supposed to be cloudy and rainy or at least partly rainy.



Well here’s to my pretty teal polish to brighten up the day πŸ™‚





Well lovelies, that is all I have for you today. I will be back for Featured Color Friday. Have a good week!

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13 thoughts on “NOTD 133 – Not A Cloud in the Sky

  1. Oh no, I got so spoiled by the sun lately I haven’t been checking the weather. I just checked and its all rain this week except for Friday. :((
    That is a really pretty teal polish, but the weather still sucks lol.


  2. Pretty color!! What an ironic name though, huh? It’s rainy here this week (well mostly like SUPER windy here today at least) but I’m sure the nice weather will be back soon enough. πŸ™‚


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