NOTD 135 – Happy Ending – Featured Color Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

So I know that I promised some nail art this week, but I promise it’s still coming. It’s a surprise so I still can’t tell you what it is, but I promise it’s coming. πŸ˜€

I think I may have used this color before, but that’s alright, never together. Today I have “Sinful Colors – Happy Ending” with a little gradient of “Sinful Colors – Call ya later” I love Happy Endings, its such a pretty green with a fine goldish shimmer to it, I thought it paired perfectly with Call ya later which is gold and green glitter. πŸ™‚

You are going to get lots of pictures today because I just love this color! ❀


Here is a picture where some are blurry but you can really see the glitter more here.





Lastly,Β I leave you with this article I found on Yahoo today (Click here) which is entitled “Best nail polish brands that last”. I don’t know if I agree with some of these, what do you think? Essie in particular the last couple that I bought tended to be more on the watery and runny side. I usually love Essie’s but the last few seemed to be going downhill. Some I have not tried and may now that I have read the article to see if I agree.

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28 thoughts on “NOTD 135 – Happy Ending – Featured Color Friday

  1. These are gorgeous! I’m not a big fan of green, but I like these a lot. πŸ™‚ Your wedding ring looks super tight on your finger though! It’s not like cutting off the blood supply to your finger is it? lol.


  2. LOVE that color! So bright and summery! I love the gradient style, too. I am going to have to try that this summer. I typically use OPI polish so really can’t compare. I do have some Essie and others that I have not tried yet. China Glaze is also another polish I tend to gravitate too. I just feel it’s nail polish and it’s going to take time to fully dry no matter what. Unless I go to the gel which I have no plans to. I want to get some of the Maybeline Color Show as I have been seeing it advertised everywhere lately.


  3. Oh love this green mani! I don’t know if it would work so well on me, but it looks fab with the gradient.

    Yeah, not really tried that many brands in the Yahoo article; fast to touch dry OPI and Rococo work for me, but I guess it’s whether speed is a deal-breaker or if you’re going to use something like Seche Vite anyway?


    • Thanks! Most people aren’t a fan of greens and I usually am not either but for some reason I love this color!! Thank you! ❀ I agree with the speed, I use Seche as well. but as far as the chip I do still sometimes have that so I might try the ones that said they dont chip


  4. I guess I’m the only immature one here because I can’t think of “happy ending” without my mind going in the gutter lol. Anyways! Great combination, they work really really well together. As for the article, the downside of blogging so much is that I can’t comment on lasting power for most polishes since I change so often. I really believe that top coat and application is a huge factor in lasting power though.


    • oh me too trust me, the last time I did this color it shrunk cuz of the Seche so I entitled the post, Happy Ending Shrinkage. Trust you are not the only one!!! hahaha I agree with the article, but with the chipping especially I would like to try because sometimes after one day its chipping :/


  5. Ooh boy these are GRRRRREEN!! I love them. Now when you do a glitter tip like this do you just use the brush or so you sponge it? I had a hard time w my recent reverse glitter gradient nails and am in need of some tips. I sponged and had bubbles up the wing wang.


    • I actually just use the polish brush, I start out with a thin line like a french manicure, then do another one overtop a little further up, and a third one, and then just kind of drag the brush in the middle going toward the spots that i already did a somewhat gradient and just play with it till its how I want it to look. Then the Seche top coat makes it look less messy πŸ™‚ hope that makes sense hahah im not a good explainer


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