NOTD 136 – Featured Color Friday – Lavender

I know I know… another week without a post until Featured Color Friday, What can I say, I’m a slacker. Today I have some purple nails for you that I am not 100% pleased with and then Monday, I will have some Memorial Day nails.

I painted two coats of “Zoya – Charisma” which for any of you that have this, know it’s SUPPOSED to look like a bright neon purple…. This is forever one of those colors that is just simply impossible to capture its true purpleness with my camera. I then took one coat of “Barry M – Lavender” over top it. Lavender is a clear based polish with silver glitter and lavender colored square glitter pieces. This polish is great, it’s not dry, glides on really well this is only one coat and I was pleased with it. The purple itself however, I was not pleased with.

Call me crazy, which I know I am sometimes… 🙂 but this to me is just one of those toes colors. I love it on my toes but not on my hands. I currently have “Jade – Deja Vu'” on my feet and I don’t like it but I love it on my hands…

Anyway, here it is:


This next one is even further from the color, but I just love the way that the glitter shimmers in the picture. You will notice that a lot of the pictures make the square glitters appear silver, but look at the ones to the sides of my nails you can kind of see the lavender color in them



Well guys, that’s it for me today, like I said I will be back Monday for some Memorial Day nails.

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