NOTD 137 – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an US Federal holiday celebrated every year on the last Monday in May. It is a day to honor and remember the men and women who died that have served in the United States Armed Forces. Some people celebrate this day with barbeques and as the unofficial start to summer, but this day is so much more. My husband was in the Army and he served two tours in Iraq, my brother-in-law is in the Marines, and my brother is joining the Army. I am so proud of them and our men and women that serve. Today I will honor all of the fallen.

I am not saying not to enjoy yourselves, not to have a good time, and not to barbecue… just remember why you are able to do it, because all gave some and some gave all to protect this country.

Well guys sorry for all of the seriousness, it’s just important for me to share, not everyone knows and sometimes we forget the importance. In any event, here are my Memorial Day nails. 🙂

Picture 126

Poppies are worn to honor those who have lost their lives so I painted a poppy on my index finger.

Picture 124

I used two coats of “Julep – Glenn” and topped it with “Elevation – Avalanche”. For the poppy I painted two coats of “Ulta – Snow White” then used “Julep – Glenn” to draw the poppy, I outlined it with “Shimmer – Marilyn” and put a black gem in the center.

No matter how you celebrate this Holiday, do it safely. Have a great day today!

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10 thoughts on “NOTD 137 – Memorial Day

  1. Love your mani tribute. I too was in the Army, and feel very strongly about celebrating all of those who served before me and those that gave their lives so that I can live in a FREE America today. I also honor those that are serving now. Thank you to your husband for his service and for your family members that are now serving. Happy Memorial Day!


  2. You are absolutely correct, it’s not just about camping and bbqs. Although that is a fun part of this holiday. 🙂 I have relatives who have served but no one who is currently serving or recently served and I just can’t imagine how brave the soldiers and their families have to be. I think no matter what anyone’s political affiliation, we can all agree that these men and women are giving all they have to give and aren’t treated in the way they deserve for the most part. That’s a sad fact and I hope eventually things change for the better. In lighter news- these nails are very cute! 🙂 Hope you had a good holiday w your family! 😀


    • I absolutely agree, thanks, 🙂 and yea the bbqs are allowed too so long as they actually take the time to remember is all. Thanks, hope you had a good holiday too! Back to work now, ugg


  3. The last couple of weeks I’ve been really into red manicures. Essie Hip-anema has been a mainstay on my toes as well as my nails (for example…my memorial day manicure ) so when I was changing my polish the other day I wanted to do another red manicure but wanted to at least switch up the polish. I was browsing my DIY nail polish rack and saw a bottle of Red Lights Ahead…Where?. Though I haven’t used it since it was released as part of OPI’s 2012 Holland collection I remember liking it quite a bit.


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