NOTD 139 – Featured Color Friday – Hot Pink

Yay Happy Friday!

As I mentioned in my previous post I got some beauties from Ninja Polish, one of the beauties was “Catrice – Even more metallic”. I don’t know if it’s me or what the heck is going on, but after two coats of this and a top coat it bubbled. I even tried to remove it and re-do with another topper and same effect 😦

Anyways, for this weeks featured color I bring you “Catrice – Even more metallic” and “Blackheart Beauty – Hot Pink”


You can see the tiny bubbles more in the second picture. I know, I know, from a far you can’t see it.. at least that’s what my husband tells me, along with, “you’re crazy, I can’t even see them” lol but IIII see it! So anyone that is having this same issue and has a solution let me know!

I absolutely love the pink shimmer in this purple and thought a deep color would contrast well with the neon and the fact that it had the pink shimmer in it, seemed like a perfect fit to me.

Anyone have any good plans this weekend?


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10 thoughts on “NOTD 139 – Featured Color Friday – Hot Pink

  1. Humidity is a cause of bubbles but the other thing is, do you shake your polish then paint your nails? That will cause bubbles. I love Catrice polish and haven’t had a bubble issue with this brand ever. But i dont shake my bottles, i roll them. If they need a good shaking then i will wait til the next day to use the polish. The only time i had bubble issues was at the end of the summer when the a/C was on more.
    Gorgeous polish on you, I like the combo you picked. Also, with Catrice you might try one coat. I hope you get rid of the dang bubbles. It’s funny no one would ever know they were there but when we know it bugs us, or maybe just me?
    Your nails are looking fab, btw,
    — Judi


    • I did not shake it no, hmm the humiditiy is good just wierd that it happened on that one and no others. such a pain :/ Hope maybe it was just the humidity and i dont have that problem again thanks for the tip Jud! Thank you so much for the color combo and my nails ❤


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