NOTD 143 – Ruby Sequin

Ugg back to work. 😦 We had off on Thursday and Friday as we had a trip down the shore planned for our Annual American Legion Convention. Thursday we went to Atlantic City for the day, we ate breakfast, played some slots and some tables, even tried our hands at Craps. We ate lunch at Carmine’s, OMG some of the most amazing food you will ever taste! Friday and Saturday it was off to Wildwood for the Convention, we were up on the boards most of the time, playing games, cranes, and winning all kinds of prizes :). When we weren’t on the boards we were hanging out with the other Legion members and our family, then the  Parade was Saturday. We drove home late Saturday night to avoid the Sunday morning traffic… 🙂 Then Sunday we went to see Superman and then watched the Season premier of True Blood! 🙂 Such an amazing, and relaxing weekend! So I have some other pics for you in addition to my mani.

First up, a picture of my lillies finally blooming in the center of my Citrosa (mosquito plant).


Here are a couple of photos from the shore this weekend. A picture of the high ferris wheel and pictures from the top.


Now my True Blood bow waiting for last nights premier


Now on to “Sally Hansen – Ruby Sequin”. This color is part of the ‘Diamond Strength – no chip nail color line’. I put this color on, on Thursday night and Monday morning still good as new, no chips, no wear, nothing! This is two coats of the beauty now 🙂


Alright well that’s it for now, stay tuned for this weeks Featured Color Friday, ‘Darling Diva – Channeling Coco’


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12 thoughts on “NOTD 143 – Ruby Sequin

  1. I used to go to Wildwood every summer in my youth! I probably haven’t been back in like 20 years, though. I hear it’s different now!


    • It has, we actually used to go to Ocean City during the summer when we were kids, but the Conventioin every year for the last about 7 years brought us to Wildwood and I like it. 🙂 so much to do, I just love the shore, nothing quite like it 🙂


  2. That’s the kind of color I need for my mani on Friday 🙂 Got dizzy looking at your photo from atop the ferris wheel! Brave girl. Your lilly’s look beautiful! What is a mosquito plant? One that attracts them or makes them go away? Have never heard of a mosquito plant before.


    • its a citrosa its ‘supposed to’ keep them away it has a sort of lemony scent. it’s toxic to dogs so keep away if you have them. I live near a lot of woods and have a LOT and I don’t know if its just me, but I feel like there are less ever since I planted them. I got two LARGE pots for the deck and planted them around my lillies. When I take the dogs out at night usually 2-3 times I get eaten alive, and not so much recently 🙂


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