NOTD 146 – Mint shells

Hey guys! So today I have some texture nails for you, which for any of you that know me, I usually hate. I thought that because the shell shards were mainly flat it wouldn’t be so bad, I was wrong, this mani drove me crazy not even 24 hours after I did it. 😦 The issue with texture I think that bothers me the most is when I am washing my hair in the shower… If it’s too textured it pulls on my hair or gets stuck; these were no exception.

I loved this concept and it was cool for the two days I wore it, but don’t think I will be doing these again :/

I first painted two coats of “Sally Hansen – Mint Sorbet” then I had these green shell shards that I placed on after the second coat one nail at a time while the second coat was still wet.
Picture 001

This next picture is a little more green but IΒ  just loved the way the shell shards captured.

Picture 006

Last picture this one was in the sunlight

Picture 010

Alright guys, that’s all for my quick post today. See you for Featured Color Friday. πŸ™‚


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19 thoughts on “NOTD 146 – Mint shells

  1. It does look very cool, but I am with you. I hate when it catches on my hair in the shower. The sand will do that, so I can imagine how the shell shards would be. Very pretty, though.


  2. Ugh the comment you made about the texture in the shower when you wash your hair is killing me… I know EXACTLY what you mean! It gets stuck in my hair and just drives me absolutely crazy. I just can’t do it. That was my main problem with nail strips and stuff- those rough edges just drive me nuts. This is a neat look, but I have to say it’s not for me. It’s fun to try new stuff tho! πŸ™‚ You did a nice job with it!


  3. The concept of this looks really cool and great for a seaside inspired look. I agree that I wouldn’t like that much texture on my nails though. They would work better as just a special occasion mani since it’s not very wearable.


    • I agree, I have had these shells for like a year now lol I won them in a giveaway and kept pushing off trying them so I am like you know what I will. They were mostly kind of flat, but still texture nonetheless not my cup of tea. lol


  4. I can understand why textured nails bug you but they are all the rage! I do like certain textures like the OPI liquid sands or the PixieDusts because they are so darn sparkly. I probably won’t wear the popcorn ceiling textures.


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