NOTD 148 – Patriotic Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

So this week I am not going to do a ‘Featured Color Friday’ Instead, a Patriotic Wednesday because of the way the holiday falls. I will have another post by Saturday most likely. My work is closed on Friday too this year, woohoo!

I started out by painting my nails with two coats of “Ulta – Snow White” and planned on doing a splatter mani using “Essie – Aruba Blue” and “Julep – Glenn” I have only done the splatter once and unfortunately this time it did not work out in my favor. However, fortunately… that it did not as I came up with the idea to use some of my stamps for some more double stamping. I used “Essie’s – No place like chrome” to create the fireworks in the background. I then took ‘Glenn’ and ‘Aruba Blue’ and used pieces of stamps to make the different size stars and place them accordingly.

Here is the final result. (Lots of pictures because I LOVE this mani) 😀









Alright guys, that’s it for me today. What do you think of this years Independence Day mani?

What do you have planned for this Holiday weekend?


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21 thoughts on “NOTD 148 – Patriotic Wednesday

  1. I just returned home from getting my nails done. Wish my gal could have done something like yours on my nails for the holiday. LOVE it! perfectly patriotic. Great job!


  2. This is adorable. It almost doesn’t look real- like it’s a cartoon or something. Great job and I hope you had a nice holiday. We had a low key one which was really nice. 🙂


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