NOTD 150 – Featured Color Saturday – Super Nova

Sorry guys for the delay on not posting ‘FCF’ on Friday this week. I had some uploading issues Friday with my post. I tried to take the pictures with my phone but you just couldn’t see the gorgeous shimmer well enough 😦

This weeks color is also part of the “Avon Cosmic Collection” and its called ‘Super Nova’. Just like ‘Moonbeam’ the shimmer is never-ending and simply stunning. I used “Essie – no place like chrome” with the heart stamp from ‘OB3o”

Picture 1271Picture 126


Lastly, I leave you with my new friend 🙂 The other night when I took the dogs out before bed there was a tree frog on the door and I picked em up and put him back in the garden with the plants and trees 😀

Picture 124


That’s it for today 🙂

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10 thoughts on “NOTD 150 – Featured Color Saturday – Super Nova

  1. The frog is SO cute!
    I don’t know if the colour works for me, not that it’s ugly, it’s quite the opposite really, just don’t know if I’d wear it but I love the lil heart stamps!!!


  2. I love the little heart stamps! I bought Avon Starlight, but had a hard time with it being kind of sheer. Also, I took a gamble on that color and lost, lol.
    That little frog is such a cutie…he looks like a cartoon or something!


    • doesnt he! He was cute until I had to carry him to the garden and I scared him by closing my hand… I didn’t want him to jump from my hand and hurt himself so I closed my hands together to keep him safe and the little bastard peed all over my hands!!
      aww tht sucks! I have had some polishes from them that were hit or miss too but these were perfect. I could have gotten away with one coat but went with two.


  3. OMG! It let you just pick it up?! I probably would have named him, resulting in an instant attachment and tried to keep him until my boyfriend would talk me out of it.


  4. Aww your little froggy friend is so cute! And I love the nails!!! That little heart stamp is so simple but I just really LOVE IT!! Idk what it is about it but I seriously am half obsessed with it. So SO cute!!


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